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Excellence in Electronic Design

Partnership in Product Development


Dendera Partners LLC an electronic engineering research and development consultancy, headed by Adam Reed, Principal Engineer. As electronic engineering consultants, we are dedicated to electronic product design and electronic product development. Our offices are in Ashland, Oregon, at the southern-most end of the state. Situated in Southern Oregon's Rogue Valley along the "I-5 corridor" about halfway between San Francisco, California, and Portland, Oregon, Ashland offers beautiful surroundings, a local university, access to the arts, and a technical labor pool with a broad diversity of experience and skills.

Dendera Partners LLC offers electronic design services and electronic product development to clients in Southern Oregon's Rogue Valley and beyond. We routinely work with clients from around the country and abroad — from California to Minnesota, Indiana, Maryland, and the United Kingdom.

Dendera Partners LLC is a Limited Liability Company founded in 2006 by Adam Reed. It is registered in the state of Oregon.


The second word in our name is "Partners" for a good reason. In the electronic product development cycle, a wide range of specialty skills is needed to provide excellence in design. To the layman, it seems, perhaps, that "any good engineer" should be able to handle all of the aspects of conceptualization, design, programming, layout, mechanical configuration, and so forth. But in fact, each of these areas requires unique knowledge acquired through extensive experience in one's own field.

Dendera Partners LLC has access to a large team of specialized electronic engineering design consultants on whom we can call to make a contribution to a given project on an as-needed basis. These specialists, then, are our partners. Whether in mechanical engineering, printed-circuit-board layout, parts fabrication, or assembly, we have assembled a team of experts who contribute a level of excellence to the electronic design process that few large companies (especially in today's economic climate) can match!

Why Dendera?

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Dendera Temple and a larger photo.)

Dendera was a temple complex in ancient Egypt (still beautifully preserved) known principally for a temple dedicated to Hathor, goddess of Music, Dance, and the Arts. Over the centuries, Hathor became revered by Egyptians at all levels as, in essence, the Goddess of Joy. She was also known as a sacred patron (matron) of mediation and was invoked to promote healing.

For an electronic engineer, satisfaction is found in doing a job the best possible way one is capable of doing. Dendera Partners LLC is dedicated to achieving this satisfaction in such a way that work is an enjoyable experience, and a true partnership between the project team and the client. What better way to follow this path, than to dedicate this work to Hathor, the Goddess of Joy!

The image shown on our business card is of the Dendera Zodiac, a planisphere of the sky above ancient Egypt. Originally found on a ceiling in Hathor's Temple, the original is now exhibited in the Louvre.