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Dendera Partners LLC represents three decades of varied experience in electronic product design. From aerospace to consumer electronics, a broad range of expertise is brought to every product development project.

Electronic product design is not simply a matter of looking up solutions in books, or of applying the concepts learned in school. If you ask someone who is considered a leader in this field, you will quickly learn that it is only through experience that one picks up the nuances of what constitutes a successful design. The well-rounded electronic engineer has learned, through mistakes as well as successes, that an operating electronic circuit is based on a complex inter-relationship of operating principles. The concept of "thinking out of the box" applies more often than not.

Adam Reed, Principal Engineer

Adam Reed is an electronic engineer with three decades of experience in the electronics industry. Twenty-five years of that experience is as an electronic design engineer. He has three US patents issued in his name in the area of laser technology. Rather than spending his career in one small corner of the world of electronics, Adam has gained a broad base of knowledge that often allows him to provide unusual or creative solutions to problems. On many occasions, he has been asked to join startup ventures to contribute new ways of bringing ideas to fruition. Adam is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley.

Electronic Engineering Experience

In each of these cases, an open-minded approach to product design has resulted in unique solutions to specific problems. You too can make use of this innovative ability! Contact Dendera Partners LLC to find out how we can bring your concept to realization.